Households (indoors and out), workplaces, public spaces, and other gathering places all benefit from having plants around. The plant's needs will vary depending on its environment. Plants in residential settings receive more attention than those in commercial settings, making indoor plants a popular choice for offices.

Their infinite advantages, especially their calming effects on the eyes and the mind, raise their importance. Many businesses now offer plants online in Australia to meet the soaring demand for greenery. However, there are a few details you should check again before submitting the order.

Advice for placing an online order for plants 

Status of the Retailer

The advice of others is often a great place to start. Talk to close friends and family to see if anyone has purchased a plant from a specific store. You can learn about the quality of service provided by a store by inquiring about it in online communities and message boards. You can learn what other people think about a company by reading online reviews; in particular, you should read feedback about how well the plant was packaged and shipped.

You should keep in mind that not all reviews, especially those found on the internet, can be trusted.  

Check the return policy before making any purchases. If the plant is damaged upon arrival, will the supplier replace it?

Technical details of the plant

If you've already done step one, it's time to place an online plant order in Melbourne. If you read the reviews left by people who have purchased plants from the seller, you'd know that a common gripe is that the plants don't make it. Lovely plant, but I was hoping for something more substantial.

It's common knowledge that flower shops and garden centres, like most clothing retailers, use photos of airbrushed models to entice customers to buy their products. This time around its plants serve as examples rather than humans. If you order a plant like a ficus lyrata from an online nursery, there's a chance that you won't get the exact one pictured. In general, model plants have larger, glossier leaves that are free of yellowing and other defects.

That's why it's vital to read the fine print before shelling out a lot of cash. Which is it: a fully-grown plant, or a seedling? Do you have to go online to download the care instructions, or do they come with the product?

Specifics of the Shipment

After you've established that the seller is trustworthy and the plant is available for purchase, you should inspect the shipment thoroughly.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the retailer is allowed to ship to your location. Can you tell me how long it will be before I receive my shipment? When you ship a plant across the country, it will probably be in the shipping container for longer than is ideal. Priority shipping typically comes with a higher price tag, especially when dealing with a large package.

How much will tomorrow's weather impact today's plans? In extreme conditions (such as heat waves or subfreezing weather), a plant seller has limited options for ensuring the safety of their shipment. There is still a chance that the plant will perish en route, even if the vendor uses heat packs to give it a fighting chance against the cold.

Would you be available to accept delivery of the plant today? A third option is to simply leave the plant out in the cold until it dies. You shouldn't buy a plant if the temperature or precipitation is too high for it to survive the trip home.


Like any other aspect of plant care, getting used to having a fiddle leaf fig in your life takes time and patience. It's important to keep an eye on the plant as it adjusts to its new home and make any necessary adjustments to its care as it does so.