Turkey Tail Mushroom fungi, which belongs to the Family of Polyporaceae, commonly grows in North American woods on fallen logs but can also thrive on living trees. The appearance resembling the real turkey tail has coined its name. It is not a traditional cuisine ingredient but has a great significance in medicinal aspects.

Mushrooms have been helping in treating people all around the world for centuries. In Chinese traditional therapies, it is known as Yun Zhi. It helps in obesity, UTIs, and inflammation, and in some cases, helps in cancer treatment too.

Health Benefits of Mushroom:

Rich in Antioxidants: Phenols and Flavonoids

Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, namely phenols and flavonoids, which help in blocking the reaction of free radicals with other molecules in the body, hindering the radical's effect of damaging DNA. 

Free radicals, after reacting with body cells, create more free radicals, which adversely affects the body's functioning. These antioxidant molecules act as a wall between free radicals and the body's healthy molecules.

Contains Cancer Treatment Compounds:

Mushrooms contain Polysaccharide, Krestin(PSK), which works wonders on cancer treatment. As per the study done by National Technology For Biotechnology Information (USA), “Polysaccharide-K (polysaccharide-Kureha; PSK), also known as krestin, is a unique protein-bound, which has been used as a chemoimmunotherapy agent present in this mushroom used in Asia for over thirty years to cure cancer.

Multiple randomized clinical studies have shown that PSK has tremendous potential as an advanced cancer therapy agent, with excellent outcomes in the treatment of esophageal, gastric, colorectal and prostate cancers.

Fights Seasonal Infection:

Australians often suffer from leptospirosis, melioidosis and rickettsial seasonal flues, mainly during the August month. Additionally, climatic changes may further result in a prolonged cold. These conditions can be avoided by intaking turkey tail mushrooms. The mushroom has strong antiviral and anti-microbial properties that fight away alien agents and further strengthen the body's immune system.

Strengthen the Gut Health

The Gut or gastrointestinal tract includes the whole digestive system from the mouth to the anus. Any disturbance in the functioning of the digestive system may have serious consequences, such as skin problems, mental problems, heart diseases, and many more.

Rightly said by an Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates over 2,500 years ago, ‘all disease begins in the gut.’ It is proved by various studies show that turkey tail mushroom benefits in curing any Gut infection, as it contains PSP and PSK, which strengthens the immune system of the body. 

How To Consume 

  • Powder Supplement 

Turkey Tail Mushrooms are easily available in powder form, which can be consumed in any of your desired drinks, say, tea, coffee, shakes, milk, or soups. Not only drinks but your desserts and baked food can also become a healthy delight with turkey tail mushroom powder. 

  • Dehydrated Mushrooms 

  The mushrooms can be included in your diet in dehydrated form. In order to include it in your diet the following ingredients are required:

  •  Dehydrated mushroom - a teaspoon
  •  Water - 5 cups
  •  For flavor - you may sugar or honey to it

  How to Prepare 

  • First, add dehydrated mushrooms and water in a pan and boil them till half of the water is left.
  • Now strain the mixture in a cup.
  • Give it a flavor by adding some sugar or honey.

Relish the tea with the mushroom’s benefits.


Though being fungi, Turkey  Tail has many medicinal properties that benefit human health, from fighting viruses causing flu and cold to against various fatal diseases like cancer.